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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Concept Engine Beta

After much work, I am finally releasing the first beta for Concept Engine.

The beta is split into three separate downloads:
1. The engine itself
2. The game modules
3. Sample game files

I want to showcase the idea of modules and how it integrate into Concept. That is why I split the beta into engine executable, the custom game modules and the sample game files for example purpose.

Feel free to head over the download section of


  1. hello friend, continuing with this question or you left,
    because it is so good I would like see more.

    sorry for my English Greetings from Argentina

  2. Thank you for the interest. I am still around. Do let me know if you create something cool! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Can you release a complete version of the editor? I saw in some screenshots that the editor has a lot of un-used icons. For example, if I would to create or import some new chipset, this is actually not possible.

      Then, I suggest you to CONTINUE this project. Now horror rpg games are still played, don't let this project fall! It's one of the best editor I have seen in years. Simple, Great, 2.5D.

      I hope one day you'll read this comment.

    2. Wow I have not catch up on this since '14 lol. Thanks for noticing my tiny project :)
      Yes, I might not have included the ability to import chipset as it was the beta version. Plus I think the original intent was to add the functionality after the beta.

      I am humbled by your interest and kind words :). I have kind of shelved it after releasing 2 years ago as there does not seem to have much interest (perhaps I marketed to the wrong crowd? lol)

      If I were to continue, I will most likely do a full rewrite as technologies has changed a lot over the years, but I won't even know where to advertise it on anymore. Perhaps steam or something? lol

      Thanks for the interest, I will keep in mind to restart the project.

    3. Oh! I'm so happy you'd be able to read this message after two years!

      Yes please, I searched a long timefor a good 2.5D standalone engine (I mean, something not involved with RPGMaker, 'cause I got a bit tired of the limit of that sowftware, with the time).
      As I just said, I searched a lot, I even downloaded a trial of Smile Game Builder but... Really, it's not like this.

      Your force IMHO is that you leave the chance to create a 3D scenery with a simple start-base.
      Simple geometry still, but with the right texture, you can bring life to great maps. (maybe with chances to use chipsets with ragnarok proportion too?)

      And also the camera system, the post-production, the color correction, is something you don't find elsewhere.

      You know what? With Concept you can even change the dimension of every piece, put more level of texture one by one.

      It's a really great work.

      If you will put this project on Steam, I'm sure it will be a success. Because horror/rpg games are still played, youtubers kinda play any sort of horror/fantasy rpgmaker stuff. With chances like the ones you give with this engine, I'm sure everything will probably can be even more intresting to play.

      I wait for progresses! See ya!